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Posted on: Monday, June 15th, 2015

Serial entrepreneur Mark Cuban explains a very common social media error–and what his company is doing about it.When you send a text yes even the most benign text, “yes I want to buy something” The minute you hit send, you loose ownership of that text. whoever you send it to now owns that text.They can add whatever context to whatever commentary whatever feedback or other information or video or pictures around it to create whatever image or picture or message they want to communicate about you, and you have zero control over it!  Read more at

Posted on: Monday, June 8th, 2015

Enhance your Facebook business page

Social media is one of the most effective and cost-conscious approaches available to spreading the word about your business, its brand, and your products. For small businesses, social media is perhaps the best way to gain a large extended network of potential customers. With almost every adult in the United States being an active social media user, you are nearly guaranteed to experience tangible results through effective Facebook usage for your company. To help get you started, here are 10 ways you can enhance your Facebook business page:

1. Optimize Your Image Choices

Your profile picture, banner picture, and timeline photos will need to be extremely informative and memorable. Catching the eye of social media users scrolling through their timeline is of utmost importance, and your pictures are one of your best tools to help you achieve this. Make sure and label them with relevant business info and always make sure picture sizes are not overly large or small.

2. Organize Your Tabs

Keeping your Facebook tabs organized in an efficient way will help people navigate your business’ page efficiently. If information is frustrating and difficult to locate, people will stray from your page before engaging with you.

3. Post Consistently

Never post sporadically, and always keep a steady flow of information and copy out there in your followers’ feeds. However, never allow yourself to go posts crazy, as flooding someone’s timeline may lead to them unfollowing you. Think of a schedule that will reach the most amounts of people. Targeting lunch breaks is one great way to ensure you catch people while they are actually browsing social media.

4. “About” Section

Your “About” section is the most important part of your page. Here you should list all relevant contact info, links, and service/product descriptions. Start off your “About” section with a shortened version of this information, and then follow it up with a more detailed account. Doing so will help the customer to learn quickly about your services, and then easily navigate to the specific section they hold interests in to receive more information.

5. Use Keywords

The use of keywords will help you increase the SEO of your page, making it easier for people to come across your page. However, never overstuff your page with keywords!

6. Engage with Fellow Businesses

Mutual promotion is one of the best investments you can make in the world of small business, and this holds true online. Go out there and share useful content with businesses, endorse them or “like” their page. They will likely do the same for you, which will help expose you to the audience that is already following them. Additionally, this helps you build your reputation as a business that is focused on local causes!

7. Avoid Changing Your Page Name

Nothing is more confusing to a customer than extreme re-branding. This is another quality that exists just as much online as it does in the real world. Focus on the brand and name you have already made for yourself to ensure you keep a steady flow of traffic to your page. Changing a name will just make it more difficult to find your page.

8. Think About Mobile Users

Thankfully, Facebook is great about designing its pages to be consistent between desktop and mobile platform viewing. Use the platform as intended and always make sure posts, pictures and other content is easily viewable to both desktop and mobile device users.

9. Never Fall into the Facebook “Content Trap”

Many companies make the mistake of posting every bit of their original content on their Facebook pages. This is counterintuitive to your business’ success, as you ideally want people to visit your other social media platforms and actual website as well. Post enticing content, but always leave the audience with a bit of curiosity, in the hopes they will continue to explore your company’s full website. Doing this will help you gain more visitors that are likely to become actual customers. For small businesses, you can go about this strategy in a way that entices the locals to come and visit your business if you have a real world location.

10. Include “Like Boxes” on Your Other Platforms

Every non-Facebook platform you are using on the web should have a conveniently placed and visible Facebook “like box” to help customers increase your amount of followers. Doing so will also help you increase the amount of inbound links to your Facebook page, which can end up providing a massive boost for your pages SEO potential!

Now that you know how to approach the issue, start getting to work on optimizing your small business’s Facebook page. For help implementing these strategies, the professionals at Social Connect LLC can help. Once you start experiencing massive boosts in followers, and perhaps even sales, you will be hungry for even more ways to unlock Facebook’s full marketing potential.

Has Facebook marketing provided you with improved traffic towards your business? If not, our training sessions can be your golden ticket to increased exposure for your business!

Posted on: Thursday, June 4th, 2015



The “Naples Visitors Guide” will include information and illustrations of Naples most popular Attractions! Included will be Artis–Naples, Naples Players, Naples Zoo, von Liebig Center for the Arts, Cambier Park, C’mon, Palm Cottage and many more! Visitors will find the magazine Invaluable in their effort to make the most of their stay.

The magazine will be distributed at the Naples Chamber of Commerce, many of Naples finest hotels, all restaurants that participate, all Real Estate companies that participate and of course shops downtown on 5th Avenue South, 3rd Street South, Mercato, Venetian Village and the Waterside Shops.

We invite you to join us in welcoming the tens of thousands that come to our paradise to be entertained, to shop, to eat or to purchase that new vacation or permanent home


For More Information Contact Batya Maman 


Cell : 239.601.4340

Download your application here 

First come, first served…reserve your space today to receive choice placement.







Posted on: Sunday, May 31st, 2015


Magazine Cover         SocialConnectLLC.0615.GSB.PROOF-page-001


A great man once said if your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. That man was John Quincy Adams, a great American statesman who served as the sixth president of the United States.

This quote embodies the work of Batya Maman, founder and owner of Social Connect LLC. Moving to America from Israel 12 years ago, Batya has overcome major obstacles to become the leader she is today.

Teaching herself English while operating several small businesses in Naples, this single mother of three began her entrepreneurial journey by working hard to fulfill the needs of her clients. Her drive, combined with her prior career experience as a computer science teacher, gave Batya an advantage while researching her new career. She discovered there was unleashed power in social media for businesses of all sizes.

Batya began using her knowledge to help Realtors and other small businesses learn how social media works. She also began volunteering with non-profits to help build their social media platforms and increase their audience and Google ranking. From the Friends of Foster Children to helping the Boys and Girls Club promote their events and raise money, Batya still donates her services to numerous local charities.

Fast-forward to present day and Batya is considered a social media expert. She delivers training for some of the most prestigious companies in the country and has partnered with MGE Management Experts Inc. of St. Petersburg, Florida, to help offer social media marketing training to owners of dental practices. She wrote a social media program for MGE and has trained several hundred dentists.

While speaking at a seminar, Batya discovered that for many attendees, their social media assets, potentially worth millions of dollars, had walked out the door in the hands of ex-employees or vendors. She found the majority didn’t know what social media sites they owned or have login information so they could grow their own business.

Patrick J. Clouden, CEO of Consumer Energy Solutions in Clearwater, Florida, says, “Working with Batya has completely changed the way I view public relations, marketing and promotion. And, it has completely changed my appreciation of the power of social media.

Social Connect LLC equips businesses and organizations with comprehensive and coordinated social media programs and training on the latest software and technology to tailor attention-grabbing content that gets results. The mission is simple: connect businesses with people who turn into clients.


View current  Flipbook Edition


Posted on: Thursday, May 14th, 2015

Don Ruane, Special to The News-Press11:17 a.m. EDT May 10, 2015
Naples Social Media Expert Grows Business

Combine a newcomer’s passion for her dream, the need to do something fast for your family and social media and you’ll have the key rungs on Batya Maman’s ladder to better business results.

Batya and her husband moved to the United States from Israel with their children to take advantage of the construction boom in 2003. He was in construction. She formed a business around cleaning up houses after construction. But they divorced and she lost her green card as a result of the split.

But she had three children to support. She needed a way to do that.

Maman saw opportunity in her experience as a teacher and in computers.

She learned about computers in Israel and was a teacher there. She wrote programs shared by the schools.

“For me it was so natural to become a teacher again,” Maman said. Her topics include how to use social media to your advantage, how to build a website and how to establish relationships with people who can help your business.

“I partnered with a company in Clearwater that does training for dentists,” Maman said. Dentists came from across the country for social media training and soon she was asked to lead social media seminars outside of Southwest Florida.

She’s planning a book now to help people learn how to build their social media presence and develop relationships with others.

“Social media is you and what you share with the public,” Maman said.

That is the most misunderstood part of using social media, according to Maman.

“Social media can build you. It can destroy you,” Maman said. “If you want to be professional, post like a professional.”

Keeping control of your message is important.

“You have to be master of your own destiny. You have to control your social media. You don’t want someone else to control you,” said Kelly C. Capolino, a real estate professional who takes Maman’s advice to heart. “It’s better for you to put yourself out there in social media instead of someone else putting you out there.”

Maman suggests building relationships only with the people you want to reach with your business and to lend your talents to not-for-profit groups, because it helps them and helps you.

“She encourages that her clients have to give back. It’s pretty amazing how she’s growing her business that way,” Capolino said.

“Your social media presence is so important to building professional relationships,” Maman said.

The biggest obstacle business people face is deciding what to post, according to Maman. Her advice is “pick the one thing you are passionate about and write about it. Share the good things about it.”

Maman gave the community of Naples some of the credit for her success when she had to climb above the legal and business troubles resulting from her divorce.

“I met people in Naples who believed in us,” Maman said.

She and her family planned to move to Miami when they came from Israel for a better life, but a visit to Naples impressed them.

“Moving to Naples was a random act,” she said. “Living in Southwest Florida is a privilege. I moved from the Holy Land to the land of opportunity,” Maman said.

Now she wants to do more.

“My passion is to continue to grow my business,” Maman said. She’s looking for college students who already know something about social media and want to be involved in building a business.


Social Connect

Location: Naples

Phone: (239) 601-4340



Read full story here 

The News-Press wants to write about innovation in the re-emerging Southwest Florida economy. Tell us how you’re making better use of people, ideas, methods or technologies to better serve your clients and customers. Contact Storytelling Coach Steve McQuilkin at or writer Don Ruane at

Posted on: Friday, May 1st, 2015

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Posted on: Thursday, April 16th, 2015

Here is what you need to know about Google’s New Mobile update

On April 21st, 2015, Google will release a new update to its search engine that will impact your search if your website is not mobile friendly. Google announced on February 26,2015, stating, “We will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results.”

Why make a Website mobile friendly?

Imagine a user looking at your site on a mobile device. Can the user easily read your page and find the necessary information or is too hard to use?

In the USA, 94% of people with smartphones search for local information on their phones. Interestingly, 77% of mobile searches occur at home or at work, places where desktop computers are likely to be present.

Read more here

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 10.40.20 PM

Ok what you need to do next?

First find out if your website is mobile friendly here: Take the Mobile-Friendly Test

If this test tells you – NOT MOBILE FRIENDLY, you need to take immediate action!


  1. Call your Website Developer
  2. Work with someone to make your site mobile-friendly
  3. Ask me at:



Batya Maman 
Social Connect LLC,  

Posted on: Tuesday, February 17th, 2015

There are 5 different types of roles for people who manage Pages. Only an admin can change someone’s role. The table below outlines the 5 Page roles (across) and what they’re able to do (down):

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 12.56.44 PM


First you have to be an admin to give someone a role on your Page.

If you’re an admin:Here is  how to give someone a role on your Page.

  1. Click Settings at the top of your Page.
  2. Click Page Roles in the left column.
  3. If the person is your Facebook friend, begin typing their name and select them from the list that appears. If the person isn’t your Facebook friend, type their email address.
  4. Click Admin  to select a role from the dropdown menu.
  5. Click Save and enter your password to confirm.

The person will receive a notification or an email when you give them a role.

For more help go to:

Batya Maman
Social Connect LLC,

Posted on: Thursday, February 5th, 2015

I had the honor of meeting the Co-Founder and CEO of Fever Smart at the Entrepreneur Convention 2015. The Fever Smart is a smart patch thermometer that allows parents to monitor their children’s temperature from anywhere in the world using their smartphone. Aaron Goldstein created this amazing idea along with an inspiring story. He is only 21 years old and junior at Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Goldstein was also the finalist for Entrepreneur Magazine’s “College Entrepreneur of 2014”.



Posted on: Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015

“When I hear somebody sigh, ‘Life is hard,’ I am always tempted to ask, ‘Compared to what?”

~Sydney J. Harris

February represents an outstanding month for me. Not only am I celebrating my twelve year anniversary, I am rejoicing the birthdays of my son Osher, 22, and my daughter Bar, 18.

The past year has been an unbelievable year for me. I have made big decisions that have altered my life in such an incredible way but in order to make those decisions I had to learn to let go of certain things so I could increase my responsibilities. Learning, giving back, pushing harder, all necessary to achieve my dream and be exactly who I want to become. I am extremely proud of where I have come from, but my dream for me is to work harder to attain a much better life for me and my family.

Thinking back on all the reasons for leaving and going back to my Country seems small compared to what I have achieved by staying in the United States and following my dream. The English barrier was the biggest challenge but I have overcome it. Those who know me well know from 2010 to 2013 I was unable to drive because I lost my residency after my divorce. This problem did not stop me but made me determined to solve it, so I hired a driver and that was it.

I am so fortune to have so many amazing and caring people in my life that trust me and want to help me. One extremely and important friend came to my rescue when I had to fight for my visa. That is when I was blessed to know Bruce Coean, my immigration lawyer.

Bruce! I am one of the many people you have helped to stay in this country and I want to thank you for one thing!!!!!! THANK YOU FOR BELIEVING IN ME!!!!! Two of the main reasons I received my visa was first the positive attitude and being fortunate enough to be introduced to you!!!!

So that is just a small part of my storythat many of my Facebook friends do not know but saw me working every day, meeting new people, networking and I didn’t let anything hold me back. Success and accomplishments are decisions not a VISA, not a car, not a driver licenses, but action and integrity. We are our own success not our business. A business you can sell and start all over again, but who we are is not for sale not open to any type of exchange. We need to love ourselves enough to love others by taking care of ourselves first.

I keep reminding myself of when things didn’t go right for Batya. This is the Land of Opportunity so keep moving. There was no other way. My motivation and drive did not allow me to stop.

Many people asked me, why not slow down and have some fun and I say “What fun?” What is out there for me better than doing what I love every day?

In 2014 I gained substantial success by meeting the right people who like to win and be successful. God blessed me and answered my prayers. I worked hard and gave 100% meeting the most able people ever. Movers and shakers!!! WORLD CHANGERS.

The most successful action was the change not from bad to good but from great to greatness. I am here and ready to keep making changes in my life, people who are able to change are the people who make things happen. I am here to do just that.

In the past few years I have had all the reasons in the world to leave here and go back home to my country but I have always remained and reminded myself why I came here in the first place. “LEAVING THE HOLYLAND TO THE LAND OF OPPORTUNITIES.”

By building relationships with the most amazing people who have become a big part of my life, I have found extraordinary mentors and leaders who coach, support, and believe in me. My amazing mentor Mr. Colon deserves so much of my gratitude. He believed in me more than a father can believe in his own daughter, he trusted me, coached me, challenged me and introduced me to my own ability. He taught me to accomplish my goals by using the tools I possess to the maximum.

Mr. Colon……Thank you for the challenge, for the friendship, for the partnership, for the education, for your understanding and accepting my difference, but most of all……THANK YOU FOR BELIEVING IN ME!!!!!!

It has been almost two years now that my biggest fan, my top social media follower and inspirational coach, Joyce Case and I met on Facebook. Your support is endless. My children often remark, you must think I am the greatest. Just hearing you on the phone and reading your encouraging messages mean the world to me. Your motivation and positive attitude brings so much value to my life. Thank you for telling me every day for the past year how much you are proud of me, you told me you are so proud of me in one year more than my mother ever told me in my life time. We connect with all our ideas and direction which is so refreshing to me. When you told me I reminded you of you as a young woman, I felt it was the biggest compliment I have ever received. Thank you for all the direction and advice you give me. You are such a gift and so enlightening to me. I need you in my life…you BELIEVE IN ME…..and I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

My vast list of exciting and challenging people brings a huge impact to my life. Sue Huff, and Kelly Capolino, you are the best. You have always supported all my endeavors, and trust me unconditionally. You are outstanding! … My true experts and leaders, giving me all the necessary knowledge I need to know about Naples. Your expertise brings the winning touch to our team, for as my mentor once told me, Power is not a one man show. THANK YOU SUE AND KELLY FOR BELIEVING IN ME!!!!!! I love you!

Dr. Sonia Roacha – Thank you for five years of great examples and friendship. My gratitude goes out to you for the wonderful road trip we took together in 2014, the message was clear and, I LOVE YOU!!!!!

To all my Naples’s friends and clients, I appreciate beyond words all of the opportunities you have given me. You are in my heart always!!!!!!!

Last but certainly not least, my wonderful children are the main reason I did what I did! I am so proud of you!
Through my journey my children have become a big part of my business. My daughters are not only students but work for me from home so they understand and learn what Mom is doing. All this makes us such a strong family, allowing us to respect each other as exceptional leaders and entrepreneurs.
My daughter who is going to be eighteen tomorrow is my personal assistant. She runs the business with me while planning her future as an orthodontist one day. I have found a way to spend time with her and together we can grow the business. I think the best way to be responsible for your children is to teach them survival and how to turn a bad situation into an advantage.

I love my children with all my heart, with all my soul, and with all my power!!!! They know my love.

It’s proven with good intention and dedication you make the impossible happen. 2014 was the year of YES I CAN DO IT AND YOU CAN DO IT TOO.

Most people say good things come to those who wait and smart people would say good things come to those who work hard to get it. GO GET IT!!

A purpose only becomes real when it is achieved with your sweat and tears, so I sweat and my tears fill my eyes when no one is watching and I have had some great experiences knowing experience is everything.

All it takes is one decision and one commitment at a time!

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