it's not the social media that work for you it's what you do to make it work


Why People Need To Do Social Media?

Social media gives you a personal relationship with your customers and your potential customers. This is critical through every department and every interaction you have with these people – from acquisition and conversion to delivery and follow up.

It frees your team from inefficient communication and gives them accurate, effective interactions with those within and outside your organization. You can hear from customers and team members, in a very natural, honest environment, what’s working and what’s not.

The ability to make real-time, customer-driven decisions gives your organization cutting-edge flexibility.

Benefits of Social Media

Social Media engagement has very real ROI for organizations. According to Batya Maman, nearly all marketers who use social media see amplified exposure and a growth in web traffic. Customer satisfaction grows as awareness and knowledge of the market grows among the majority of those who use social media across their organization.
Social media users find their website moving up in search engine ranking and brand positioning increasing. This results in more quality sales and loyalty amongst brand followers.

As if all that weren’t enough, over half of marketers report having to spend less on marketing when they use social media.

Social media users know their customer-base individually and personally, so they can serve immediate needs and develop resources to meet future needs. They effectively learn from the past, efficiently work in the present, and competently prepare for the future.

Results of Social Media

As you implement social media throughout your organization, you will see improvement in every department. Internal departments, such as human resources and training and development, will ensure employees maintain job satisfaction and can better recruit employees that perfectly fit your brand. Sales and marketing can get the word out faster and more thoroughly and can follow up with potential customers all the way through conversion. Customer service can be right there, throughout the day and week, answering questions and keeping customers happy. Corporate and research and development will have their pulse on the market and be ready to deliver what customers will want in the future.

For a deeper dive into how organizations are implementing social media across every department, enroll in the Advanced Social Media Strategy seminar, developed and delivered by Batya Maman, the CEO of Social Connect, who will walk you through different models of how some companies are using social media and how you can get started, too. Please contact Batya for more information on social media consulting.


Social Media Analysis

Social Media Analysis

Let’s look at your current social media strategy and your goals…


Set up

Social Media Set Up

Together we develop a social media presence, for you and for your business…


Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Now it’s time to gain more followers and share content on social media…



Batya Maman has an impeccable reputation and is well-respected in the community. From her business successes as a home and office organizer, renovation specialist, and now the CEO of Social Connect, success has traveled with her. As clients agree, Batya is a diversified, successful business woman who is excited about new ventures and new clients. Batya is looking forward to working with you to help create success and results!

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A Woman Extraordinaire

“Ms. Batya Maman is a woman extraordinaire! She has it all. Personality, beauty, social grace, technological background as being a computer programming teacher, social skills incomparable to none. She lives social media. In fact, I could almost believe she invented the whole thing.

Ms. Batya also is a fabulous event planner. She has created over-the-top galas for many celebrities, magazines, and television personalities. She did an amazing job on our Holiday Party at the Law Firm of Marc L. Shapiro, P.A. Just the professional photographs brought us business.

The hosting restaurant and entertainment wanted to capture the fun and elegance and post it online. Even Steinway Piano Gallery posted our Halloween event photos.”

This amazing “social media machine”. What was once just a dream has in fact now come true

“My first exposure to Social Media was in September of 2014. I spent 3 days at a seminar hosted by MGE, which was delivered by VIP LLC & Social Connect, Learning How Social Media PR & Marketing Can Improve Your Business. Well, that was all I needed!!! I immediately signed up for the Social Media Makeover + Management Package with Social Connect at the helm and they have been creating and running my entire social media network ever since. This includes Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram and Twitter with both personal and business accounts.

Statistically, the following is now a reality: When I started in December 2014 I had about 11,000 total clicks or views on my Google Plus page. I checked this morning (just five months later) and I now have over 100,000 views! Utilizing this brilliant system of PR & Marketing and Social Media posts, Social Connect has officially put me on the First Page of Google organic search results for “Dentist NYC”!!! [Organic search results are listings on search engine results pages that appear because of their relevance to the search terms, as opposed to them being advertisements. In contrast, non-organic search results may include pay-per-click advertising].

Furthermore, now a THIRD of my new patients come in from Google and online searches. NYC is the most concentrated area for dentists in the states, so achieving results like this is quite hard, especially in such a short time. The owner of Social Connect, Batya Maman, often says she BUILDS PEOPLE ONLINE AND GIVES THEM PRESENCE. She is dedicated and amazing at what she does; Batya is results-oriented!

What does this mean to us Dentists? Most of us spend a lot of money on SEO (search engine optimization) and we‘re still not placed on the first page of Google. Now, with this amazing “social media machine”, what was once just a dream has in fact now come true.

I strongly recommend every dentist comes to this seminar to see for themselves how this can truly help them the way it’s helped me!”

-Arvind Philomin, DDS

The Amount of Engagement I’ve Had Has Skyrocketed

“I have known many social media experts over the years. The thing that stands out about Batya is her passion for what she does. She lives, breathes, and dreams social media. I personally do not enjoy social media at all. She has been the only one that has been able to get me to take action. Her team has made it easy for me to have regular posts that turn into engagement (which is important). The amount of engagement that I have gotten since she has been working with my social media has skyrocketed. At the end of the day, its all about who you resonate with and what your goals are. If you are clear on what you want to get out of your social media, Batya can help you get there.”

Linell King MD

I Have No Hesitation Recommending Her

“I find Batya to be professional with outstanding skills that enable her to get the job done right, and in a timely manner. Thinking outside the box, she easily comes up with creative ideas to resolve complex problems. She has excellent work ethics, with high morals and integrity. I have no hesitation in recommending her.”

I knew there was more I could do. That’s when I met Batya Maman

“As a 25-year dental surgeon, national lecturer, and founder of several private dental practices in South Florida, I’ve witnessed firsthand the speed with which the business world has changed. What was once considered groundbreaking marketing outreach is today an antiquated holdover. Failure to remain current with the times risks significant loss of revenue and the potential loss of an entire generation of young patients seeking the most advanced treatment planning and chairside solutions to their dental needs.

In the last several years I have strived to ensure that my dental practices didn’t make that mistake. Since 2008 my company has developed its own Facebook page, created a Twitter account, and began posting images to Instagram. Combined with aggressive email marketing and the beginnings of search engine optimization, I was confident of our success.

But in the age of metrics, data, and enhanced real-time performance measurement, I knew there was more I could do. Fortuitously, that’s when I had the pleasure of meeting Batya Maman, founder, and CEO of Social Connect, a social media marketing company that empowers organizations like mine with comprehensive and coordinated social media programs to get the best results. Although I’ve only worked with Batya a short time, I am thoroughly impressed. Already Social Connect’s efforts are radically enhancing my company’s social media outreach. Our Facebook page is burgeoning with activity, our Twitter account is up to over 8,000 followers, and our Instagram account is generating dozens of comments.

Thanks to these efforts, our Google page rankings have skyrocketed. My clinics in Aventura, Pembroke Pines, and Hallandale Beach, Florida are consistently among the top links on Google’s first search page. Patients are now discovering my companies’ homepages with record speed, and a result, are contacting our offices. My receptionists repeatedly comment on what a difference working with Batya has made. Batya knows how to get the job done and do it well with expert precision and attention to detail. I’m only sorry our paths didn’t cross earlier in my career!

Dentists know how competitive our industry can be – especially when practicing in large metropolitan areas. Standing out can be tough. But with Batya and Social Connect’s assistance, my dental clinics are on pace to have their most successful year yet. I can’t thank her enough for her efforts and look forward to a fantastic partnership.

If you’re on the sidelines of social media, or are in the game but haven’t found your stride, Social Connect and Batya Maman is the solution you’ve been looking for!”

-Arun K. Garg, DMD
-Miami, FL



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