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Twelve year anniversary in the United States of America

Posted on: Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015

“When I hear somebody sigh, ‘Life is hard,’ I am always tempted to ask, ‘Compared to what?”

~Sydney J. Harris

February represents an outstanding month for me. Not only am I celebrating my twelve year anniversary, I am rejoicing the birthdays of my son Osher, 22, and my daughter Bar, 18.

The past year has been an unbelievable year for me. I have made big decisions that have altered my life in such an incredible way but in order to make those decisions I had to learn to let go of certain things so I could increase my responsibilities. Learning, giving back, pushing harder, all necessary to achieve my dream and be exactly who I want to become. I am extremely proud of where I have come from, but my dream for me is to work harder to attain a much better life for me and my family.

Thinking back on all the reasons for leaving and going back to my Country seems small compared to what I have achieved by staying in the United States and following my dream. The English barrier was the biggest challenge but I have overcome it. Those who know me well know from 2010 to 2013 I was unable to drive because I lost my residency after my divorce. This problem did not stop me but made me determined to solve it, so I hired a driver and that was it.

I am so fortune to have so many amazing and caring people in my life that trust me and want to help me. One extremely and important friend came to my rescue when I had to fight for my visa. That is when I was blessed to know Bruce Coean, my immigration lawyer.

Bruce! I am one of the many people you have helped to stay in this country and I want to thank you for one thing!!!!!! THANK YOU FOR BELIEVING IN ME!!!!! Two of the main reasons I received my visa was first the positive attitude and being fortunate enough to be introduced to you!!!!

So that is just a small part of my storythat many of my Facebook friends do not know but saw me working every day, meeting new people, networking and I didn’t let anything hold me back. Success and accomplishments are decisions not a VISA, not a car, not a driver licenses, but action and integrity. We are our own success not our business. A business you can sell and start all over again, but who we are is not for sale not open to any type of exchange. We need to love ourselves enough to love others by taking care of ourselves first.

I keep reminding myself of when things didn’t go right for Batya. This is the Land of Opportunity so keep moving. There was no other way. My motivation and drive did not allow me to stop.

Many people asked me, why not slow down and have some fun and I say “What fun?” What is out there for me better than doing what I love every day?

In 2014 I gained substantial success by meeting the right people who like to win and be successful. God blessed me and answered my prayers. I worked hard and gave 100% meeting the most able people ever. Movers and shakers!!! WORLD CHANGERS.

The most successful action was the change not from bad to good but from great to greatness. I am here and ready to keep making changes in my life, people who are able to change are the people who make things happen. I am here to do just that.

In the past few years I have had all the reasons in the world to leave here and go back home to my country but I have always remained and reminded myself why I came here in the first place. “LEAVING THE HOLYLAND TO THE LAND OF OPPORTUNITIES.”

By building relationships with the most amazing people who have become a big part of my life, I have found extraordinary mentors and leaders who coach, support, and believe in me. My amazing mentor Mr. Colon deserves so much of my gratitude. He believed in me more than a father can believe in his own daughter, he trusted me, coached me, challenged me and introduced me to my own ability. He taught me to accomplish my goals by using the tools I possess to the maximum.

Mr. Colon……Thank you for the challenge, for the friendship, for the partnership, for the education, for your understanding and accepting my difference, but most of all……THANK YOU FOR BELIEVING IN ME!!!!!!

It has been almost two years now that my biggest fan, my top social media follower and inspirational coach, Joyce Case and I met on Facebook. Your support is endless. My children often remark, you must think I am the greatest. Just hearing you on the phone and reading your encouraging messages mean the world to me. Your motivation and positive attitude brings so much value to my life. Thank you for telling me every day for the past year how much you are proud of me, you told me you are so proud of me in one year more than my mother ever told me in my life time. We connect with all our ideas and direction which is so refreshing to me. When you told me I reminded you of you as a young woman, I felt it was the biggest compliment I have ever received. Thank you for all the direction and advice you give me. You are such a gift and so enlightening to me. I need you in my life…you BELIEVE IN ME…..and I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

My vast list of exciting and challenging people brings a huge impact to my life. Sue Huff, and Kelly Capolino, you are the best. You have always supported all my endeavors, and trust me unconditionally. You are outstanding! … My true experts and leaders, giving me all the necessary knowledge I need to know about Naples. Your expertise brings the winning touch to our team, for as my mentor once told me, Power is not a one man show. THANK YOU SUE AND KELLY FOR BELIEVING IN ME!!!!!! I love you!

Dr. Sonia Roacha – Thank you for five years of great examples and friendship. My gratitude goes out to you for the wonderful road trip we took together in 2014, the message was clear and, I LOVE YOU!!!!!

To all my Naples’s friends and clients, I appreciate beyond words all of the opportunities you have given me. You are in my heart always!!!!!!!

Last but certainly not least, my wonderful children are the main reason I did what I did! I am so proud of you!
Through my journey my children have become a big part of my business. My daughters are not only students but work for me from home so they understand and learn what Mom is doing. All this makes us such a strong family, allowing us to respect each other as exceptional leaders and entrepreneurs.
My daughter who is going to be eighteen tomorrow is my personal assistant. She runs the business with me while planning her future as an orthodontist one day. I have found a way to spend time with her and together we can grow the business. I think the best way to be responsible for your children is to teach them survival and how to turn a bad situation into an advantage.

I love my children with all my heart, with all my soul, and with all my power!!!! They know my love.

It’s proven with good intention and dedication you make the impossible happen. 2014 was the year of YES I CAN DO IT AND YOU CAN DO IT TOO.

Most people say good things come to those who wait and smart people would say good things come to those who work hard to get it. GO GET IT!!

A purpose only becomes real when it is achieved with your sweat and tears, so I sweat and my tears fill my eyes when no one is watching and I have had some great experiences knowing experience is everything.

All it takes is one decision and one commitment at a time!

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