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LinkedIn Updates: Your Online Network Is About to Change

Posted on: Monday, January 23rd, 2017

LinkedIn Updates

The largest redesign to ever hit LinkedIn is going on now and you don’t want to be left behind. LinkedIn is the most important professional networking site and can be great for your career as well as a great tool for your business. The redesign is happening with the goal in mind to align both the mobile application and the desktop experiences. What do these LinkedIn updates mean for your business? Let’s take a look!

What Are the New LinkedIn Updates to Be Aware of?

‘Home’ Page:

The home page has a thinner menu bar and icons identical to the mobile app. On the left, there is a snapshot of your profile that includes your picture, headline, and views. This is similar to the mobile app’s ‘Me’ section. The sharing section now has the option to share an update, photo or article.

The Look of Your Connections, or ‘My Network’ Page:

This section is also cleaner. You’ll see the difference when you click on your connections. Now, the only options are to either message or remove them.

‘Tour Me’ Section:

There is a new recommended size for your background photo. It should now be 1536 x 768, so take the time to update that. You also need to update your summary section. People will only see the first two lines, so make them count.

You contact information will be on the right-hand side when your profile is viewed, making it faster for someone to see it. Double check to make sure your contact information is updated as well. You’ll be able to see who has viewed your profiles and articles.

There is a new section, which is called ‘Accomplishments’ where you can enter publications, certifications, and other information.


The modifications to search are the largest change. There is no longer the option to perform an advanced search. This means you’re unable to filter by name, title, keyword, and location. You can still filter by the level of connections, companies, industries, general location, language, schools, profile language, and non-profit.

Boolean search is still available, but it is no longer as effective as when you could combine it with an advanced search. Saved searches and tagging are no longer available for free. This may make it harder to find individuals and take more time to filter through.

‘More Options’ Feature:

This will save you time as there are multiple options here. You no longer need to search separately for SlideShare, ProFinder, and Lookup. You will also be able to create a company page right from this menu.


Notifications will be easier to access, sift through, and respond.

The majority of these LinkedIn updates will help you save time by making it easier to access certain features and filter through notifications. Where the issue may present itself is when you are doing searches. It could possibly make it harder for you to target and find people based on certain characteristics. As long as you go in prepared and know what to look out for, you can use the changes to your advantage and continue to successfully network your business on LinkedIn.

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