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Why Social Media Training?

With Social Connect Training, we will analyze your social media goals and determine the next steps to get you there. You will be equipped with the latest knowledge and research to make the best of every moment you spend with your social media channels.

Social media is constantly changing and evolving. What you learned in a book or on a blog three years ago may not still apply. Social Media Training gives you the information you need today to engage with your followers and gain connections, in ways that are meaningful and lasting.

Benefits of Social Media Training

Social Media Training is a personalized, custom solution that works within the parameters of your time, personality, goals, and abilities. Giving you the tools necessary to succeed in the places you need to succeed, Social Media Training isn’t a cookie-cutter option or a broad-sweeping generalization.

With the tools at hand, you are prepared to evolve with the various platforms and make real-time decisions about the content you create and share. You can apply your knowledge to every interaction and engagement, to get the most out of your social media investment.

Social Connect Training brings you over a dozen seminars covering the following topics:

– Social Media Success Strategies
– Mobile Social Media
– Social Media for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners
– Social Media Trust and Confidence within your Team
– Distributing Content via Social Media
– Social Media Wisdom and Savvy
– Keeping your Brand and Team Safe
– How Your Brand is Viewed in Social Media
– Family Social Media Practices


Individual training

Individual Training

Start building a network and nurturing social media relationships…


Company Training

Develop a custom social media strategy for your company…


Corporate Training

Stand out from your competition with a personal social media environment…



Batya Maman has an impeccable reputation and is well-respected in the community. From her business successes as a home and office organizer, renovation specialist, and now the CEO of Social Connect, success has traveled with her. As clients agree, Batya is a diversified, successful business woman who is excited about new ventures and new clients. Batya is looking forward to working with you to help create success and results!

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A Social Media Maven

“Batya is a social media ‘maven’. She clearly looks at social media and networking as an art and through the consumer’s eye. I credit her accomplishments with her true want to help her clients like myself grow and prosper. I would recommend Batya to all businesses, causes, and non-profits. She actually cares and in this technology world, that is important.”

Batya Is A Winner

“After talking with Batya Maman for the first time, I knew right away she is the positive, energetic person I expected to find. For over a year, I have turned my computer on and raced to Facebook to see if Batya has posted a new inspirational verse or picture of her many exciting ventures.

Batya has an outstanding, pleasing attitude and approach, combined with a professional behavior beyond her years. She has a pleasing manner leading by example with a tremendous sense of trustworthiness and respect making her a favorite among her peers.

Batya demonstrates a strong desire to achieve success with each responsibility and it is evident in the way she places her mark on everything she touches.

I believe God sends people into my life for a reason and by sending Batya, he has given me a treasured friend I can give my many years of experience plus receive knowledge from her excellent attitude, driven passion and professional approach to every challenge in her path.

We have so much in common making our relationship even more special. I look forward to working with Batya sharing ideas so both of us reap the benefits expanding our enterprises which will prove to be an asset to both of us.

Needless to say, I am so happy Batya will be part of MY TEAM because SHE IS A WINNER!”

I knew there was more I could do. That’s when I met Batya Maman

“As a 25-year dental surgeon, national lecturer, and founder of several private dental practices in South Florida, I’ve witnessed firsthand the speed with which the business world has changed. What was once considered groundbreaking marketing outreach is today an antiquated holdover. Failure to remain current with the times risks significant loss of revenue and the potential loss of an entire generation of young patients seeking the most advanced treatment planning and chairside solutions to their dental needs.

In the last several years I have strived to ensure that my dental practices didn’t make that mistake. Since 2008 my company has developed its own Facebook page, created a Twitter account, and began posting images to Instagram. Combined with aggressive email marketing and the beginnings of search engine optimization, I was confident of our success.

But in the age of metrics, data, and enhanced real-time performance measurement, I knew there was more I could do. Fortuitously, that’s when I had the pleasure of meeting Batya Maman, founder, and CEO of Social Connect, a social media marketing company that empowers organizations like mine with comprehensive and coordinated social media programs to get the best results. Although I’ve only worked with Batya a short time, I am thoroughly impressed. Already Social Connect’s efforts are radically enhancing my company’s social media outreach. Our Facebook page is burgeoning with activity, our Twitter account is up to over 8,000 followers, and our Instagram account is generating dozens of comments.

Thanks to these efforts, our Google page rankings have skyrocketed. My clinics in Aventura, Pembroke Pines, and Hallandale Beach, Florida are consistently among the top links on Google’s first search page. Patients are now discovering my companies’ homepages with record speed, and a result, are contacting our offices. My receptionists repeatedly comment on what a difference working with Batya has made. Batya knows how to get the job done and do it well with expert precision and attention to detail. I’m only sorry our paths didn’t cross earlier in my career!

Dentists know how competitive our industry can be – especially when practicing in large metropolitan areas. Standing out can be tough. But with Batya and Social Connect’s assistance, my dental clinics are on pace to have their most successful year yet. I can’t thank her enough for her efforts and look forward to a fantastic partnership.

If you’re on the sidelines of social media, or are in the game but haven’t found your stride, Social Connect and Batya Maman is the solution you’ve been looking for!”

-Arun K. Garg, DMD
-Miami, FL

Real, Intelligent, Exhilarating

“Batya is one of the most real, intelligent, exhilarating entrepreneurs with integrity that I’ve had the pleasure working with in over twenty years. Now, I’ve worked and been with Celebrities, Doctors, National Leaders and CEOs that were all very good and passionate for what they do; but I must admit meeting and working with Batya has raised the bar with my expectations. She is a true expert in her field of Social Media–she is second to none– but also has a heart of gold in caring for her clients, as well as helping non-profits and the multitude of people that are affected by her good works. I’m happy and proud to be working with her, and in educating more entrepreneurs and business owners on how they too can become a screaming success while helping others.”

An Exceptional Individual

“Batya is an exceptional individual who I am extremely glad I have made the acquaintance of. She has helped me to establish a formidable social media aspect to my profession as an Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon. Her knowledge and skill regarding Social Media are unparalleled, and she navigates this arena with skill and elegance.”



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