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“Your Ticket to the American Dream” Dr. James Manzanares

Posted on: Monday, July 27th, 2015

Dr. James Manzanares“Almost 4 years ago I was looking at the future of medicine and had the epiphany that the key to real growth and getting my message of living a healthy lifestyle and maximizing my message of developing and maintaining a healthy spine was through the internet and Social Media. I was extremely fortunate to Google social media consultants in Florida and came upon Batya Maman during the course of my research. What set her apart from the social media crowd was the evident fierce determination that she exuded in her website. It was clear that to this person, failure is not an option. Her story is truly the epitome of the American Dream of success through hard work and determination. Here is a woman who came to this country with a nominal command of the English language from Isreal, who started a cleaning business, then, as her command of the English language grew, began utilizing her training in computer science and her circumstance of not owning her own vehicle to establish a home business. She quickly began utilizing her computer skill-set combined with her incredibly charismatic nature and determination to create what is truly becoming a force in social media, Social Connect LLC.

I contacted Batya and she quickly was able to communicate to me in a clear and concise way just how powerful social media is, and how now is the time to strike.  She developed my professional page, set up Google +, developed and maintained my Twitter account, and last but not least, has helped established my professional presence on LinkedIn. Since that time, I have had numerous patients discover me on Facebook, and also had multiple professional interactions; some of which have become mutually beneficial collaborations over time. I have had a number of patients discover my presence through the many positive messages that Batya contributed to my website and have been able to help these people who otherwise would not have been directed my way.
Batya Maman is an incredible asset to any practice, or, business for that matter. She truly cares about each and every one of her clients, and she always is available to optimize access to social media. Her perfectionism, determination, charisma and, most importantly skill with utilizing her chosen craft has helped my practice reach the point where I am poised to expand to different regions and provide the best spine treatment available in the world. The practice or business that utilizes her incredible skills will be extremely satisfied. I recommend Batya Maman and Social Connect LLC with my highest recommendation and with enthusiasm!! She will take your business or practice to the highest level!!”
-Dr. James Manzanares M.D.
Fellow, American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
Recipient of The Johns Hopkins Advanced Spine Reconstruction Fellowship
Board Certified Spine Surgeon

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