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Use Facebook Instant Articles to Your Brand’s Advantage

Posted on: Tuesday, April 5th, 2016

Instant Articles

In the ever-broadening access of Facebook, we now have a new tool for marketers and publishers: Instant Articles. This is a new iPhone and Android accessible feature that allows interactive articles to be published that draw in mobile app users.

The first thing to know about these is how quickly they load. Instant Articles load in a fraction of the time that standard websites take. When a reader clicks on an Instant Article in the news feed, Facebook will determine whether they are using a standard computer or accessing through their mobile device. Standard users will be sent to your website while mobile users will experience the Instant Article tool. Here are three tips to get started with Instant Articles:

  • Instant Articles take some preparation. You’ll need Facebook, Facebook app, an RSS feed, and a markup on your blog or website. You’ll also need fifty articles ready to load to Facebook. It takes a little time up front so that content can be ready for your prospective readers who use their mobile devices.
  • Use shorter, information rich articles. Save the longer articles for your site. You want to use both to draw in a variety of social media users.
  • Sign up for Instant Articles even if you haven’t got fifty articles ready yet. The tool becomes available April 12.

Connect with your readers

More people are using their cell phones to access social media and standard website traffic may not reach them. Mobile friendly Instant Articles catch their attention and keep your brand in front of readers.

Inform readers

Instant Articles are not large, heavy- content articles that take time to read and absorb. They are short, informative, and allow the reader to carry away with them an interesting social media experience that they can associate with your brand.

Keep readers

With interactive abilities like zoom-in features, interactive maps and video, and audio captions, readers will experience your brand, not just read about it.

Prepare now for the latest Facebook tool that will engage new readers and help retain followers. Facebook Instant Articles are keeping up with growing mobile demand. Customize articles and control content according to your needs. Reach more users of Facebook and social media, and send them to your site in ways that produce results for you.

While we are on the subject, be sure to check out the Social Connect Facebook page for additional articles, videos, and engagement from fellow entrepreneurs!


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