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Tip From Banyan Technology Group

Posted on: Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

The FBI and Internet Crime Complaint Center has been made aware of a new “Ransomware” threat called “Citadel” and “Reventon.”This particular Ransomware is a virus that attempts to extort money from people by locking their keyboard and mou

se and displaying a fake website of one of the Cyber Crime departments of either FBI, Belgium, Canada, Finland, Greece, Sweden, UK and More. The virus can even turn on a user’s webcam to make them feel like they are under surveillance.






The most common method of infection is by browsing to a website that contains the virus.

If you are infected, we strongly recommend that you:
1. Don’t panic
2. Don’t pay up
3. Call Tech Help right away, our number is (239) 963-8100

Proactive steps to prevent this infection from taking over your computer:
1. A properly updated and activated anti-virus solution
2. Stay current with software patches

Additional information about this Virus/Scam can be found on the FBI’s website:

New Internet Scam
“Drive-by” ransomware installs easily, locks computers, and demands payment.

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