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Thanks for My Journey

Posted on: Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

Dr. Erica Miller | Because Life Takes Courage


Thanks For My Journey: A Holocaust Survivor’s Story of Living Fearlessly

A no-holds-barred story of bravery, survival, and unprecedented accomplishment that is both riveting and inspirational.

Born in Tshernovitz, Romania, Dr. Erica Miller was only seven years old when the Nazis forced her and her family into a holding camp in the Ukraine, where they remained for four harrowing years before being liberated. But their relief was cut short when they returned to their home and found it occupied by Russians. Only when the family immigrated to Israel was Dr. Miller given the chance to escape the horrors of oppression and begin a new life chapter.

Facing obstacles most of us would find insurmountable, Dr. Miller served in the Israeli air force and then went on to earn a PhD in clinical psychology in America. As a dedicated mental health professional, she founded a chain of clinics that have helped hundreds of patients heal.

A story of hardship, perseverance, and ultimate victory, Thanks for My Journey also includes a special section in which Dr. Miller shares her inspirational reflections on such topics as gender roles, being Jewish, and the power in being true to oneself.

Endorsements for Thanks For My Journey

“Erica Miller has written a brave and riveting book about the horror of surviving the Holocaust. She turned her darkness into hope and light. A must-read for anyone curious about the power that rose from Hitler’s ashes.”
—Iris Krasnow, Bestselling author of Surrendering to Marriage and Surrendering to Motherhood

“An amazing woman who has moved mountains.”

—Joanne Herring, Global Political Activist and author of Diplomacy and Diamonds

“We have witnessed tragedies of immense proportion on a regular basis. However, we have also seen the power of the human spirit at its greatest. Dr. Erica Miller’s story is a strong example of how truly powerful the human spirit can be when put to the test. Her fighting spirit shines through in this inspirational memoir.”

—Rebecca and Dr. Peter Grossman, Grossman Burn Centers and Foundation

“Many people experience challenges in life, but I have never met a more inspiring Fearless Woman than Dr. Erica Miller.”

—Mary Ann Halpin, Founder and CEO of Fearless Women Global


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