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Social media’s darling network turns 10 years old today.

Posted on: Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

Facebook started as a way to help us maintain our relationships. But after a decade, many of us can describe our own relationship with Facebook in the same way: “It’s complicated.”


You might be a casual user or someone that checks it multiple times a day. Or you may have tried it out and decided to break up with it. Or you might be the stubborn abstainer who has never signed up, despite mounting pressure from family and friends.

Whatever the case, chances are Facebook has touched your life in some way, perhaps even maintaining a blow-by-blow account of the events of your life since you joined. After all, as company stats point out, Canadians are the most active users of the social network in the world. 



 Facebook in The past 10 years

2004: Launched for colleges

2005: Expands to high schools

2006: Open to the public, status updates introduced

2007: 100,000 business pages launched; social ads launched

2008: Chat introduced, Sheryl Sandberg hired as COO from Google

2009: Default news sorting based on popularity replaces chronological

2010: 500 million users

2011: Chronology deemphasized but still an option in newsfeed

2012: Facebook IPO

2013: Organic reach with unpaid content becoming a thing of the past

2014: 1.2 billion users worldwide…what now?


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