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My Son Make Me Proud Mommy !!!

Posted on: Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

I’v always told my children to follow their dreams, then my son came to me and said : I want to join the IDF ( Israel Defense Forces )

He always said that since he was 6 years old and I always wished by the time he turned 18 he will forgot all about it, start college and have normal life , but he didn’t, he stood for what he believed and and his belief is to support his country and join the IDF.

If you love your children you have to let them and help them to follow their dream even though its not what you want !! My amazing son make aliya to israel a year ago from today (8/15/2011) he left his sisters, parents, friends and everything else behind to support Israel.

It breaks my heart to let him go away from home knowing what he is going to do but at the same time i put my trust in God and i know my son is not just my son! he is a real Hero, My hero , My man , My best friend , my partner for life and the first to call me Mom .

I miss him very much but so proud of him at the time not just for the fact that he support israel but for following his dream and not giving up on his dream even though he had so many bumps on the road.

He joined the unit name: Golani Brigade. Mom is really miss his voice and his smell around the house , he always smelled like the hollister store. he was working there for almost a year so every time he came home we told him he smelled like the store – in israel everyone call him hollister becase everytime he is not in uniform he wear hollister – so when i miss him that much i go to the store and buy something .

Golani Brigade

The IDF’s most celebrated and widely known brigade, Golani was created just before Israeli independence in 1948 and has served in every war since. Golani special forces are known as one of the finest yet fiercest fighting forces in the entire world.

my son is areal patriot and zionist – Zionist is a form of nationalism of Jews and Jewish culture that supports a Jewish nation state in territory defined as the Land of Israel yes this is my son the man i raise

he was the first to call me mommy , the first to take to school and the one to paves the way for the other two lovely sisters Bar & Neta in so many beautiful, amazing ways.
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