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Create Urgency to Click with Compelling Calls to Action

Posted on: Tuesday, June 21st, 2016

Calls to Action

Social media is great for conversations with your audience, but when it comes down to the purpose of your business account, you ultimately are looking to bring prospects closer to taking the next step. Your call-to-action, or “CTA”, is the most compelling piece of information you’ll include in your posts. The CTA is crucial in increasing your conversions. A clear, commanding call-to-action can change the tone of your social media conversation and turn followers into faithful customers.

At its most basic form, “Buy Now” is considered a call-to-action. However, many companies have found more subtle, creative ways to transform their social media marketing. 

  • Stand out:

Most Web users are accustomed to regular calls to action. They’re found across a variety of pages, pop-ups, and posts, and are so common that most of your audience members are expecting to be told what you want them to do. Rather than frustrating your followers, get to the point and make your CTA stand out from the rest of the text and design elements on your social media page.

  • Commanding verbs command attention:

Start your call-to-action with a clear, concise instruction that tells your followers exactly what step you want them to take. Begin with a strong verb, like “click,” “download,” “share,” “subscribe,” or “buy,” are direct attention-grabbers.

  • Focus on their FOMO:

The fear of missing out, FOMO, is vital for a successful CTA. Creating urgency can work to your advantage when users feel like they might lose the chance to take advantage of a good deal. If someone was unsure, adding words like “today,” “last day,” and “limited time” can be enough to help them decide.

  • More than words:

The right design can make or break your CTA. Start with your background image. Many companies choose a solid color behind the words, others choose to add a graphic image. Make sure that the art you choose is relevant to your offer, and use a bold, contrasting color for your text. Consider using more than one font, as well, to emphasize the most important words in your call-to-action.

  • What will customers get?

You should be able to answer the benefits that a follower will get by taking your suggested action — and should make this clear. From a free white paper or membership in a private accountability group to a discounted rate or the feeling of satisfaction from helping an organization or cause, emphasize the benefit to your audience members.

Think of your calls to action as the “icing on the cake” for your social media posting. The quality products or services that your business offers can become significantly more prominent to your followers through a carefully worded and structured CTA. Now that you’ve gotten a clearer idea as to how to conclude your posts, let’s take a look at how you can improve the visual components of your social media content. Check out five online tools that are widely used for visual marketing, easy to use, and FREE!

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