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Bread Crumbs to Making It Great Volume 2

Posted on: Monday, January 4th, 2016















Cedric R.Crawford has an instinctive knack to inspire others to “Make it Great”. The pages of this masterpiece are filled with laughter, empowering techniques and thought-provoking inspiration and motivation to become a better version of yourself. Rhythmic and lyrical are many of his words and phrases in their flow as they seamlessly help the reader to realize they already have the tools to create the life they desire lodged inside of them itching to be (in his words) “uncovered and discovered”. Make this book your own and prepare to take a journey that will keep you fired up and focused with laser-like precision on your goals ahead. The evergreen content herein is destined to make this book timeless and relevant for many, many years to come. ~ Batya Maman, Social Connect

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