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Posted on: Monday, May 23rd, 2016



Many have often seen the small yellow icon in the app store, but its users don’t see repeat content. Snapchat is an app that was designed to erase a message after it has been viewed by the recipient. It’s seen extraordinary growth over the last few years.

Snapchat 101

In 2011, a relatively unknown app hit the Apple App Store. This iOS-only application, Picaboo, was the brainchild of Stanford student Evan Spiegel, who was intrigued by the idea of an impermanent image. Two months later, the app got a facelift and a new identity and came back as Snapchat.

Eight months after the project launched, users were sending 25 images per second. Recent numbers show that more than 9.000 snaps or images are now being sent each second; a realistic and accurate look at the company’s rise to fame. There are more than 100 million daily active users, Spiegel has said.

It’s growing among marketers, as well. In 2014, only one percent of marketers were using Snapchat; newer numbers show that in 2016. 22 percent of marketers were going to begin advertising on Snapchat.

With the company’s recent announcement of Geofilters for advertising and a concerted effort to increase reach for marketers, expect to continue seeing an increase in the use of the app.

Meet the Millennials

Overwhelmingly, Snapchat is used by members of the millennial generation. Individuals born between 1980 and 2000 make up almost three-quarters of Snapchat users, and 30 percent of all Millennials are using the app.

From the live stories to the custom geofilters, this age range wasn’t necessarily born into the information age but has wholeheartedly embraced it. Businesses looking to reach this demographic have seen tremendous success with creative campaigns that engaged users and encouraged feedback.

Snapchat and Your Social Media Strategy

If reaching the millennial generation is your company’s prime goal, Snapchat may be the app for you. There is a wide variety of ways to bring the company into your marketing plans,

  • Real-time Event Publicity:

Snapchat has found tremendous success with its stories, where more than 500 million ten-second clips are shared each day. Show off trade event happenings, live features and speakers, and product launches.

  • Give Sneak Peeks

Some brands have created communities of followers who love the advanced news they receive. From fashion designers and actors to restaurants and sports teams, followers appreciate the one-of-a-kind information they find within the app.

  • Go Behind the Scenes

Show your followers raw products and services in a fun, engaging manner. Let each of your employees have a turn updating the company Snapchat account and show off your company culture.

  • Stay Lighthearted

Keeping your content whimsical, playful, and fun is the best way to keep followers happy and engaged.

Even with its recent growth in popularity, it may take some time for this relatively new app to gain momentum and expose its true potential for business marketing. However, if the increase in personal users of Snapchat and rise in popularity is any indication of how it will be accepted and utilized by business owners in the future, it could very well become a vital part of any digital marketing strategy. Have you tried Snapchat for personal use, or even began using it as part of your digital marketing strategy? We would love to hear from you! Please share your experiences and insights on this app in the box below!

Posted on: Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016

Social Media Trolls

In marketing, reputation is everything. The way that a business presents itself to its customers, as well as to other businesses, will determine not only how many clients it attracts in the short term but whether they will stay in the long term. As a result, a business knows that one small change in its reputation can have a big impact. One thing that causes this kind of change is the activity of Internet, or social media trolls, which can quickly jeopardize a business’s good name with a few simple actions.

Social media trolls, which have grown in both scope and sophistication as the Internet has developed over the decades, are commonly known as individuals who intentionally try to provoke others online, typically by leaving inflammatory or offensive comments on social media channels. Their goal is to make others feel angry and upset. Trolls get a kick out of the reaction that offended individuals have to the things that they say, and as a result, the more offensive they are, the more they will continue to provoke.

So how are these trolls damaging to your business’s social media channels? Not only do they get your clients angry (and thus less likely to return to your company), but they also give your business a bad reputation by making it appear as if you have a rude and offensive client base. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to deal with Internet trolls and preserve your image. Here are seven tips for how your company can combat these trolls on your social media pages appropriately:

  1. Listen. You want to make sure that the person is actually an Internet troll rather than a legitimately upset customer.
  1. Ignore them. Some trolls will go away if they don’t sense that you are going to give them the kind of emotional response that they crave.
  1. Correct mistakes. Respond to flagrantly incorrect statements with facts that restore your reputation as a respectable business.
  1. Use humor. Like ignoring the troll, this will deprive them of the angry response that they want, but it will also smooth over the comment and make your business look better.
  1. Block or ban. If the trolling activity is severe and persistent, block the commenter; however, don’t overuse this, as you run the risk of losing customers.
  1. Unmask the troll. One of the reasons trolls are so confident is because of their anonymity, so reveal something about the troll to diminish their credibility, therefore, making them less likely to comment on your posts.
  1. Build a community. Encourage your online followers to be kind and understanding, and they will filter out trolls on their own.

We can’t always prevent malicious posting from social media trolls, but understanding how to react appropriately to these attacks can keep your business’s good name intact. Stay true to your business’s core values and don’t respond impulsively, the positive posts on your channels will outweigh the negative ones.

Has your business’s reputation been jeopardized by negative reviews or social media trolls? What was your strategy for dealing with this sticky situation? We would love to hear from you, so post your experiences in the box below, and be sure to contact Batya Maman for additional help with improving your overall brand through social media marketing!

Posted on: Tuesday, April 19th, 2016

Professional Social Media

Social media: it’s a buzzword that every business owner is hearing these days, but that few really understand how to use to their greatest advantage. The power of social media cannot be understated; it can make or break a business in delivering its message to a wide audience or falling flat and flying under the radar. Everyone is on social media, but not everyone knows how to properly manage social media channels for a business’s marketing efforts. As a result, hiring a professional for a business’s social media marketing is a MUST.

To fulfill this need, many business owners have turned to hiring relatives and/or members of the younger generation simply because of their familiarity or even to help a family member get a job. However, hiring a professional – and not just someone that you want to help out or that you think you owe something to – is necessary for the success of a business. Here are a few reasons failing to hire a professional will end up backfiring:

Personal social media is different from professional social media.

People who you may consider “qualified” to manage your social media accounts simply because they use a lot of social media of their own aren’t necessarily up to the position. That’s because using social media for personal benefit is not the same as using it to promote a business or in another professional capacity. Posting a selfie on Facebook or Snapchat may be appropriate for personal use, but it’s definitely not the image that a business wants to give off; similarly, the way that individuals talk on Twitter isn’t the way that you want your business to portray itself.

You want someone who will pay special attention to your business.

Having someone that you now or like personally, such as a friend or family member, manage your business’s social media accounts won’t give your company the attention that it deserves, mainly because those people all have lives and jobs of their own that are separate from your business. However, by hiring a professional, you can be guaranteed that you have someone who is paying particular attention to your specific business and making the management of your social media accounts his or her first priority.

If you’re ready to hand over the reigns of your social media management to an experienced professional, look no further than Batya Maman and Social Connect! Batya will evaluate your current marketing strategy and determine a plan that will help you both short and long term. Take the first step towards thriving against the competition in this digital age with our thorough Social Media Analysis!

Posted on: Tuesday, April 5th, 2016

Instant Articles

In the ever-broadening access of Facebook, we now have a new tool for marketers and publishers: Instant Articles. This is a new iPhone and Android accessible feature that allows interactive articles to be published that draw in mobile app users.

The first thing to know about these is how quickly they load. Instant Articles load in a fraction of the time that standard websites take. When a reader clicks on an Instant Article in the news feed, Facebook will determine whether they are using a standard computer or accessing through their mobile device. Standard users will be sent to your website while mobile users will experience the Instant Article tool. Here are three tips to get started with Instant Articles:

  • Instant Articles take some preparation. You’ll need Facebook, Facebook app, an RSS feed, and a markup on your blog or website. You’ll also need fifty articles ready to load to Facebook. It takes a little time up front so that content can be ready for your prospective readers who use their mobile devices.
  • Use shorter, information rich articles. Save the longer articles for your site. You want to use both to draw in a variety of social media users.
  • Sign up for Instant Articles even if you haven’t got fifty articles ready yet. The tool becomes available April 12.

Connect with your readers

More people are using their cell phones to access social media and standard website traffic may not reach them. Mobile friendly Instant Articles catch their attention and keep your brand in front of readers.

Inform readers

Instant Articles are not large, heavy- content articles that take time to read and absorb. They are short, informative, and allow the reader to carry away with them an interesting social media experience that they can associate with your brand.

Keep readers

With interactive abilities like zoom-in features, interactive maps and video, and audio captions, readers will experience your brand, not just read about it.

Prepare now for the latest Facebook tool that will engage new readers and help retain followers. Facebook Instant Articles are keeping up with growing mobile demand. Customize articles and control content according to your needs. Reach more users of Facebook and social media, and send them to your site in ways that produce results for you.

While we are on the subject, be sure to check out the Social Connect Facebook page for additional articles, videos, and engagement from fellow entrepreneurs!


Posted on: Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016


Reaction Buttons

Self-expression just got a boost in the react-at-the-click-of-a-button social media world. Facebook answers the call of users that “Like” is not enough when it comes to emotion or emoticons. Five new emoticons increase the ability of Facebook users to respond to posts.

The new emoticon options appear on Facebook when hovering over the “Like” button. Now Facebook users can express “Love” it, “Haha” or “Wow” a post, or relay “Sad” or “Angry” in response to one. But how might these reaction buttons impact your business marketing on the world’s largest social media platform?

Boost for Business:

The novelty of reaction buttons engages users. Remember that shiny, new toy that received constant attention once unwrapped? The ease and novelty of these buttons drive engagement with posts and increases rank. Good news for social media marketing efforts.

Even after the novelty fades the ease of engagement, especially for reluctant posters, remains. Also, these buttons offer more appropriate responses. Previously, sad posts might elicit consumer reaction not warranting a “Like” nor producing the effort to post a comment. The new “Sad” emoticon allows visitors to respond more appropriately to posts more sad in nature while still driving engagement to your Facebook page just as the “Like” button has done since the beginning.

Another potential bonus of the new emoticons rests in the ability to gauge an audience’s reaction. The quantity of engagement applies as it did with the “Like” button, but new options lend to understanding the type of interaction. This information is useful in filtering and optimizing posts with an eye to marketing.

Finally, reaction buttons provide business owners with increased expression in responding to comments or reviews. The variety of responses potentially creates stronger connections and greater loyalties to the business. Also, the new emoticons promote relationships with hard-to-reach millennials; who rarely disconnect from social media.

Adverse impact

Posts deemed inappropriate or harmful to business can be deleted. Adverse reactions such as “Angry” cannot. This lack of control hinders companies. Using negative expressions to drive conversation potentially transforms this problem. Disgruntled users tagged in comments and asked for understanding become allies in business improvement.

Advertising impact

As mentioned above, looking at elicited reactions, analyzing responses and tailoring advertising suggests positive effects on marketing efforts. Building a deeper understanding of brand perception informs future campaigns. Advertising, after all, elicits emotion. The new faces in town help gauge that emotion.

The newness of the emoticons leaves much to speculation as to usefulness and hindrance to business. Analyzing the use of reactions and determining differing weights as well as the longevity of this Facebook feature are uncertain. Watching, waiting and engaging as deemed appropriate are the ways to determine the effect in the long run.

If you haven’t recently reviewed your Social Media Marketing Strategy, now is the time! There is true potential for businesses to thrive even further with the newly implemented Facebook emoticons, and Social Connect would like to help point you in the right direction. For continued help on your social media marketing efforts, read more about our Social Media Analysis services! 

Have you already noticed a difference in how your followers are engaging on your Facebook page with the new emoticon buttons? Let’s keep the conversation going! Please share your comments and experiences with us in the box below.


Posted on: Tuesday, March 1st, 2016


One of the most widely used and poorly understood aspects of social media is the hashtag, which is both a symbol (“#”) and an object. Hashtags are keywords or phrases that are linked to other posts that utilize that hashtag. If a user clicks on a hashtag in your post, he or she will be shown all the other recent posts on that site that also use that hashtag. As a result, using hashtags can be an important way to get your business’s name out there for others to see.

Here are four ways to properly use hashtags for your business’s social media marketing:

Do: Research hashtags to ensure you reach your ideal audience. Tailoring your hashtags will help you gain followers who are interested in the services you have to offer.

Do: Know what’s trending for maximum reach. Hashtags are connected to the larger social media community, and using popular ones will gain you more followers.

Do: Use them on multiple social media channels. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the three major social media sites that offer hashtags for their users.

Do: Make them unique, and easy to understand. Offer fresh and interesting hashtags that grab readers’ attention.

Equally important are the four ways to avoid using hashtags for marketing:

Do NOT: Use spaces in a hashtag. The way hashtags are designed requires them to be a single word or phrase without spaces. For example, if you type #Social Media, only the first word (“Social”) will fall under the hashtag; “Media” will just be a plain-text word because of the space.

Do NOT: Make your hashtag too long. This makes them difficult to read, as viewers have to mentally insert spaces between the words (as in #checkoutmylatestblogpostonline), and they will become bored and leave.

Do NOT: Use more than one or two per post. Although it may be tempting to connect to as many different types of hashtags as possible, having too many can annoy readers.

Do NOT: Use the same hashtag over and over. Bring something new and fresh to your posts, so that your followers don’t get bored following the same hashtags over multiple posts.

Ultimately, it is important for your social media marketing efforts to properly use hashtags in order to gain maximum brand awareness. Once your followers start being exposed to your brand through their hashtag involvement, you will be able to get your name out there to those interested in your business!

What have been some of your experiences through the use of the hashtag in your social media marketing? Has it helped your business gain headway against your online competition? We would love to hear your thoughts! Please feel free to comment in the box below, and remember that further assistance with effective hashtag use and other aspects of your marketing strategies is just a click away!

Posted on: Monday, February 15th, 2016

Free Online Tools

There are many advantages to digital marketing: the ease of access, direct link to your target market, and cheap (or non-existent) cost of advertising. However, because it’s so easy to get content online, the internet is crowded with advertisers all vying for space, as well as attention. As a result, viewers have developed shorter attention spans. Most social media or internet users will simply skim pages, looking for what interests them most but skipping over the rest. So how do you make your business stand out from the noise?

That’s where visual marketing comes in. Creating graphics, whether they stand alone or accompany a text piece, is crucial to attracting viewers’ attention and making your business appear professional, engaging, and unique. If you have no experience with graphic design, there are numerous websites available to help you create pictures, graphs, charts, and other visuals for your business, almost all of which can be accessed for free. Furthermore, if you feel that you want to take your marketing to the next level, most of these sites have the option to pay for upgrade packages for additional themes, templates, and graphic options.

Take a look at the following top five picks for websites that help you design simple but effective visuals for marketing your business online:

1. starts you off with numerous and visually appealing, ready-to-go templates that help you think of ideas if you’re stuck or simply don’t know where to start. Furthermore, the site offers features such as the ability to add in “objects” or images to your graphic, whether from your own sources or from the website’s stock canvas.

2.  Canva

The design school aims to help people with no graphic design experience learn how to use the site’s tools to create visuals for their own purposes. Canva also offers a photo editor option, which is great for anyone who can’t afford Photoshop for their business but wants to be able to retouch their photos.

3.  Visme

Visme’s presentations option is a more aesthetically pleasing substitute for PowerPoint, allowing you to make dry data pop off the page and into your viewers’ minds.

4.  Piktochart

Piktochart is perfect for creating infographics, graphs and charts and displaying them in a visually appealing, easy-to-read manner.

5.  Venngage

Venngage markets its infographic tool as the most easy-to-use graphic maker available through three main steps; choosing a template, adding charts and visuals, and customizing the design.

You’ll quickly learn how much of an asset these free online tools can be and for your visual marketing efforts once you’ve become familiar with their capabilities. So go ahead and give them a try! See which tool is the most comfortable for you so that you can become a visual content master!

Social Connect would love to help you create the best possible content for your business’s social media channels. Click here to browse through the list of services we can provide to increase your company’s brand awareness and success.

Posted on: Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016

Distinctive Women (2)

Today is the day!!!! February 3, 2016 marks my thirteenth anniversary in the United States of America……Wow….

February represents an outstanding month for me. Not only am I celebrating my thirteenth year in the glorious USA, I am rejoicing the birthdays of my son Osher, 23, and my daughter Bar, 19.

The past year has been an unbelievable year for me. With the tremendous goals I placed upon myself in 2015, I feel an overwhelming sense of pride and accomplishment. Through my hard work and self-motivation, I find myself at the right place in my life. By meeting the most powerful and influential people, connecting people to people, business to business, mission to mission and heart to heart, I was chosen to be featured in the Distinctive Women publication and online community magazine of Naples, Florida.

“There are social media experts, networkers and connectors. And then there’s Batya Maman.” This honor brought tears of joys to my eyes and a burning desire to keep pursuing my dreams.

Learning, giving back, pushing harder, all necessary to achieve my dream and be exactly who I am today. I am extremely proud of myself and my heritage, but my dream for me is to establish a higher level of life developing more avenues for me and my family.

My natural ability to connect and help others has given me many opportunities and opened doors to expand my Social Media Connections and skills not only in my beloved Naples, Florida, but Miami, Tampa, Clearwater, New York, and California. Invitations are pouring in to attend charitable balls, seminars and clinics generously bestowing bountiful joy and appreciation for the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience.

Social media provides an invaluable tool for 21st-century businesses; especially those who don’t have the money or resources for big-budget advertising. It’s a cheap and efficient way to connect with your target market and engage directly with potential customers, all while promoting your business to a widespread online audience. I have developed the most personable approach, the most knowledgeable employees, and the most straightforward method of teaching my expertise…..CONNECTING…….

I am living the life I have always dreamed of expressing with all my willpower and strength! I do not let negative circumstances stop me but rally to the positive energy that drives me closer to my dream with the help of so many exceptional people in my path and by my side.

Words cannot express my appreciation for the incredible devotion Sonia Rocha, Sue Huff, Patrick J Clouden, Kathy Wach and Joyce Case have shown me. Their words of wisdom and encouragement have given me the drive to continue the pursuit of my dreams. They are simply the best!!!

You have a choice each and every single day of your life. I choose to be blessed……I choose to be grateful…..I choose to be excited….I choose to be thankful….Last but not least……..HAPPY……



“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.”
~ Abraham Lincoln

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Posted on: Monday, February 1st, 2016

Generation Y

The largest and fastest-growing population in the United States is currently that group of enigmatic and diverse individuals known as the Millennial Generation, or Generation Y. Millennials, commonly defined as those aged 18-34, are almost a quarter of the U.S. population, and thus constitute a significant portion of consumers. Therefore, it’s important to know how to market to this market segment – and when it comes to millennial marketing, social media is essential. Here are a few tips on how to effectively market your business and appeal to millennials through social media:

  1. Create Authentic Content.

One of the major trends in millennial marketing is a push towards crafting original content that provides the user with something new. Simply recycling old content won’t fly; millennials want to see blog posts, tweets, and posts that are original and interesting. Furthermore, user-generated content is seen as increasingly trustworthy by millennials. Try offering forums for conversation and submissions from your customers on your social media platforms.

  1. Practice Inbound Marketing.

Inbound marketing is the practice of providing users with advertising in a form that will improve their lives or provide some sort of informative content, such as e-books, whitepapers, blog posts, videos, and other how-to information. Outbound marketing, on the other hand, is what is known as “traditional” advertising. This includes magazine ads, direct mail campaigns, pop-up ads, and radio spots. Typically, outbound marketing doesn’t attract millennials because it is often seen as disruptive and unsolicited.

  1. Look to Collaboration.

Millennials want to feel like they are included in the products and services you develop. You can attract their interest and participation in your business by offering them a greater role in your development process, asking for their input and ideas. For example, hold contests for design, video submissions, or product proposals.

  1. Offer Use Rather Than Ownership.

One of the main differences between millennials and older generations is the emphasis on use rather than ownership. Millennials would rather rent, borrow, share, and trade products than own them permanently. This alludes to the numerous options available to choose from, leading many in Generation Y to try a bit of everything instead of settling on one thing. Incorporate this model into your business by offering a “sharing” option for your millennial customers.

Of course, your marketing strategies are entirely dependent on your primary clientele. Marketing to a large portion of the population is excellent, however, if your services and/or products don’t cater to Generation Y, you may need to take an alternate approach. That’s where we come in! From the largest corporations to the mom & pop businesses alike, Social Connect can provide you with the Training you need to steer your social media marketing in the most effective direction.

Posted on: Monday, January 18th, 2016

Grow your email list

Businesses in the digital age know that having an email list is gold. Entrepreneurs, especially, check their email frequently and thoroughly. When you have a dedicated database of consumers you can target for promotions, deals, and information about your business, you can be sure that a high percentage of your targeted audience will receive the communication. However, email is expanding with the advent of social media; now, you can grow your email list by using your social media accounts to gain more followers.

  1. Work with Facebook.

Using an app offered by most major email providers, you can add an email list button directly to your Facebook page. Followers can click the button, located just below your cover photo, and enter their email to be added to your list without ever leaving Facebook.

  1. Utilize Visual Media.

People respond to images more than text, which means that using graphics, photos, videos, or any other form of visual media will most likely earn you more likes, shares, and follows than simply posting information without a picture. Adding images allows more people to engage with your content and thus be convinced to join your email list.

  1. Integrate with Twitter.

Twitter, one of the biggest social media platforms, may actually be more friendly to businesses than Facebook as it is easier to get your message out on Twitter without using paid advertising. Posting information on Twitter is more likely to get you email subscribers simply through its accessibility to your followers.

  1. Run Promotions.

Engage your followers with special deals, offers, and promotions that will get them interested in your business. This increases the chances that they will share the information with their friends and sign up for your email list to receive more promotions in the future.

  1. Hold Contests.

Contests are another tool you can use to engage followers, for the same reason as promotions. If you can get people to feel involved in a part of your business that will benefit them, they are more likely to sign up for your email promotions in order to be able to do it again.

Email marketing is not going away anytime soon. Instead, it is growing at an unprecedented rate. Growing your email list by promoting it to your social media followers allows you to reach more people than ever before, making the practice an invaluable opportunity.

Using these tips to grow your email list is a terrific start towards boosting your brand recognition. To further expand and create a top-notch strategy for all of your business’s social media channels, be sure to check out all of our Social Media Services.

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