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Immigrant. Single Mom. Entrepreneur. Meet Batya

Posted on: Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017

Immigrant. Single Mom. Entrepreneur. Meet Batya

Recognize The Opportunity Right Under Your Feet and Capitalize On It

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Sales Tips you’ll learn in The Sales Podcast

  • Why America is still the land of opportunity
  • How to bounce back from an ugly divorce
  • How to be a loving single mom and a successful entrepreneur
  • How to meet clients when you don’t have a driver’s license
  • How to be persistent and find the information you need when money is tight
  • The importance of applying yourself
  • Why you “don’t need social media” and what you need instead
  • Why you need a system for everything and how to apply it to your social media marketing
  • Your role in the system
  • Where she goes to “print money” on social media
  • How to get 2,000 qualified leads in five days
  • How to use Google Plus effectively
  • How to present yourself with your social media accounts
  • What you need to get clear on before you dive into social media

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