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Get Started with Google!

Posted on: Thursday, October 29th, 2015


Bring Your Business to New Heights with SOCIAL MEDIA!

You’ve checked into using social media for your business, you know you should do it. You’ve been hearing about the success others have had with social media. But it’s so confusing and you don’t have time to figure it all out. You ask, “Where do I start?” Batya says…







What is Google and what is its product? Well, Google is the largest social platform on the planet! When a person searches for anything online, they always start with Google.

Google began its life as a search engine in January 1996 as a research project by two PhD students at Stanford University in California, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. The name of their search engine came from a misspelling of the word googol, which is a number one followed by one hundred zeros. This was picked to signify that the search engine wanted to provide large quantities of information for people.

Today Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. To this end and going far beyond just search engine services, Google services include Gmail, do- it-yourself ads called Google Adwords, Google Maps and Google Earth which help locate places and things, YouTube—where you can post, share and view videos, and Google+ which offers real-life sharing on the web, and much more.

Mistake #1—This Could Cost You Millions!

And the crazy thing about Google is that its services are, for the most part, free! Yet most people are not on Google. All their attention gets mistakenly put on an urgency to have a website.

Let me give you an example of why this is a mistake.

GoogleIn this day and age, when a girl wants a new pair of shoes, most likely she’ll use Google. She’ll look for the shoes she wants, the price, where they can be found, and she can even see comparative prices, shipping costs, etc.

Your clients/customers shop online so you need to understand the importance of being found online on Google!

I use the example of shoes because it’s simple. I personally always buy my shoes online. What would I do if the company I liked wasn’t on Google or didn’t post on Google? I’d have to spend much more time going to brick and mortar stores and waste half my day searching for what I want. Some women love this, but I do not have the time—yet I love shoes!

And please note I never search for shoes on Facebook or Instagram. Sometimes I see shoes on other social media channels, but I always go back to Google for the final search or purchase.

Now I own 166 pairs of shoes thanks to Google which allows me to find all the discounts and deals that my shoe sellers post!

So what are many of our clients missing? They are all over social media but they are not on Google!

Here’s another example that came up recently:

A dental client called me and with a tearful voice told me how he had tried for ten years to have his name up at the top of the Google page and how he had spent a great deal of money to get there. He explained how hard it is to be at the top in his industry in the state of New York where there are over 1,000 dentists in his immediate area! Yesterday was the very first time ever that he found himself on the top of the Google page!

He was calling to thank me. Our everyday posts and review triggers made a huge difference for him. His Google page got more than 76,000 views in just 5 months! When he came to me his Google page had a total of only 2,400 views after having the page for 4 years!

He has more than 1,000 views per week now because of posts, video, patient education, reviews and press releases. This is Public Relations (PR) at its best. Through PR one harvests the field and becomes known. Follow that with good marketing to harvest the crops.

And this client didn’t even get many people visiting his website through our campaign!

So my answer to where to start is “Google!”

Now that you know where to start with social media, it would be my pleasure to show you how! Social Connect will take an in-depth look into your current marketing strategies and tell you how to maximize your client retention through our social media analysis. Take the first step towards your ultimate goal by clicking here!

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