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The Hard Truth: Fact Checking Social Content

Posted on: Wednesday, November 30th, 2016


Have you ever been scrolling through your news feed on a social networking site and noticed a post that just doesn’t seem right? Maybe the facts seem bias or maybe there is a spelling or grammar error. While it might be fine for someone’s personal page to have these types of errors on them, it is definitely NOT alright for your business accounts to make mistakes like this. This is where the process of fact checking social content comes into play.

In order for your business to thrive on social media, it is imperative that you take the time to fact check your posts the same as you would for anything else that you might publish or send out. You do not want to misrepresent data because it can ultimately impact your professional credibility.

Here are a few simple things you can do to start fact checking social content on all of your platforms:

  • Double checking facts yourself or having another person take a look at it
  • Make sure your research is accurate through credible sources
  • Make a list of things you need to fact check so you do not forget any of the points
  • Take a look at how reliable the claim is that you are making

Protect Your Business’s Reputation by Fact Checking Social Content:

In the end, when you protect your reputation that means you are protecting your brand. It is through the engagement of other people on social media that you will increase your influence score. When you take the time to check for inaccuracies in your content you are lowering the risk that you will damage your reputation.

While social media is a timely thing and requires a business to work on tight deadlines, it is still important to take the extra couple minutes to fact check the information that you are putting out. Double check everything, no matter how small the detail might be. Having to take back a statement could cause more harm to your reputation than if you had spent the extra couple minutes looking into the facts.

If the Source is Unreliable, Toss it Out:

When you look at facts you should go to the source itself, or at least as close as you can get. You should also determine how reputable a source is. If you choose to associate yourself with a source that may seem a little sketchy you could find yourself in a hairy situation down the road. If you can’t find the source to fact check the information then you should consider removing it altogether.

Just remember, no fact is too small or insignificant to double check. The trust consumers put in your business comes from your reputation which is built from the content you produce. Since social media content spreads like wildfire, any inaccurate ‘facts’ that you present on your channels could (and probably will) expand to a broader audience, leaving more and more readers misinformed.

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