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New ‘Facebook Workplace’: What Can Entrepreneurs Expect?

Posted on: Tuesday, November 1st, 2016

Facebook Workplace

Recently Facebook has implemented a new ‘Workplace’ for small businesses and non-profit organizations. The intention of the ‘Facebook Workplace’, is to connect everyone in all sorts of workplaces, from desk-bound professionals to employees who are constantly on the go and have little to no access to a computer or email, regardless of role, field, or industry. The new business communications platform is ad-free and not connected to any user’s existing or personal Facebook accounts. Businesses can sign up for ‘Workplace’ as an organization, where they’ll have to pay a monthly fee based on their number of users, but it’s free for nonprofits and educational organizations. ‘Workplace’ comes with many of Facebook’s means of communications and connectivity like group chats, live video, video calls, and news feeds.

Ditching the Distractions:

Business owners, entrepreneurs, and non-profit organizations can greatly benefit from ‘Facebook Workplace’. ‘Workplace’ has the potential to be a highly effective tool that can improve business productivity by unprecedented levels. It eliminates Facebook’s notorious reputation as a workplace distraction for employees and turns it into a platform where employees can stay connected, communicate faster and more effectively to get more work done.

Replacing the Old with the New:

Compared to the old and traditional ways of doing Facebook for business marketing, ‘Workplace’ improves communications and connectivity within and between businesses in ways that Facebook could never do before. Before ‘Workplace’, Facebook was only a social media platform for businesses to market on. Now, Facebook can be used for both digital marketing and professional communications, such as brainstorming, strategizing, and updating with fellow employees or executives. In other words, business marketing can now all be done in one place, rather than having to go from the meeting room to the Facebook page, so to speak. It makes managing business marketing much easier and much more efficient and productive.

The Future of ‘Facebook Workplace’:

As a new innovative feature for social media, the future of ‘Facebook Workplace’ is bright. Facebook’s ‘Workplace’ is the first of its kind in the world of social media. Given how big social media marketing has grown in recent years, ‘Workplace’ is sure to become not just a trendsetter but a big leap forward when it comes to developing new, unique, and engaging social media marketing strategies for businesses. Much like everything else in the ever-changing digital world, only time will tell whether or not ‘Workplace’ will stand the test of time and provide the online work environment that it is intended to be. For now, however, Facebook continues to implement new platforms just like ‘Workplace’ in the effort to make the social experience much more pleasant not only for individuals but the business marketing community as well.

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