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Facebook Updates: Verifying Your Page Has Never Been Easier!

Posted on: Tuesday, January 5th, 2016

Facebook Updates

Facebook recently took some exciting steps that make it even easier to market your business and improve your chances for success. The Facebook Mentions app and having your page labeled as a Facebook Verified Page are streamlining the marketing process.

Using Facebook Mentions:

Previously only available to those people who exist within the “rich and famous” genre, Facebook has opened its iOS Facebook Mentions app to those pages that are verified. Facebook Mentions enables you to interact with people who are following your page, a privilege that was previously restricted to people on your friends list. Once you sign in, Facebook prompts you to follow pages or recommends pages for you to follow based on your current choices. The best use of the app, though, is its aggregation of everyone who has mentioned your page — right in one convenient place without you having to search for it.

Becoming a Facebook Verified Page:

Of course, using the Mentions app all hinges on your page becoming verified. Getting that previously-elusive verified checkmark is made easier with this recent Facebook update. Successful completion of the below steps will reward your business page with a dark gray checkmark.

  • Start by going to the Settings menu at the top of your local business page.
  • From there, navigate to General. then to Page Verification.
  • Look for Verify this Page and click it, then click on Get Started.
  • Once there, you will need to input a bit of geo-targeted information: your country, language and a phone number that is publicly listed and associated with your business.
  • Prompt Facebook to deliver a verification code by clicking Call Me Now.
  • When you receive the 4-digit code, enter it in the field listed before clicking Continue.

Live Streaming Video and Your Business:

While obtaining that dark gray checkmark instantly tells your visitors and followers that your business is trustworthy and meets Facebook standards, that is not the only perk available to you. Your business is now able to share live streaming video — a service that was previously limited to celebrities, journalists, and public figures.

The process of doing so is simple when you use Facebook for iOS to access your page. Once there, simply hit publish, select the video you want to share and write a concise description. You will have access to a host of information as your video is filming — comments in real-time, number of viewers and the names of verified pages or viewers.

Utilizing Live Streaming Video:

You can use live streaming video in a number of innovative ways to fully engage your followers. You can allow them to become part of the process and watch your product being made, for example. You can also provide step-by-step training on the intended use of it. By providing live interviews with the people behind your company and hosting Q&A sessions to showcase your values, goals, and future events, you can forge connections with your followers.

If you’ve been hesitant to take the first step towards kick-starting your business’s social media marketing, there’s no better time than the present! Social Connect wants to help you take full advantage of all of the Facebook updates in 2016, as well as implement all social media channels that are the most advantageous for your business’s growth. Learn more about our Social Media Set Up services by clicking here.

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