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Engaging Your Audience with Visual Content

Posted on: Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

Visual Content

Every day, social media and internet users are flooded with thousands of advertisements from hundreds of companies, all of which are competing for their attention. A study by Media Dynamics recently found that the average person is exposed to over 5,000 advertisements and brand promotions per day, a large portion of which are shared through social media and web outlets. Social media and online marketing are extremely effective marketing tools – the only problem, however, is that there are so many companies vying for potential customers that it can be easy for your company’s message to be lost in the noise.

So how do you make your advertisements stand out? There is no one catch-all answer, but what effective marketers know is that one of the central components of a modern marketing campaign is visual content. Visuals, in the form of photos, videos, or graphics, make your content stand out, draw your audience in and ultimately lead to customer engagement.

What is visual content for marketing?

“Visual content” is a broad term for any component of your marketing campaign that uses abstract or symbolic representation (rather than language, such as text and audio) to promote your product or service. This can include photos, videos, GIFs, infographics, and illustrations, among other aspects.

Why is it important to have quality visuals?

Visuals serve a multifaceted purpose. They pull in the eye of the reader, which is often distracted by numerous stimuli and simply skips over lines of text when scrolling through a Facebook news feed, for example. Furthermore, visual content builds credibility for the company, which can back up its claims through photos and videos. Finally, adding visuals can engage your audience instead of simply feeding them information.

How can I use visual content to my advantage?

Integrate visual content into your text-based content; for example, add images, videos, or graphics to your company’s blog posts, website content, or social media posts. When promoting a sale or other event on Facebook, add an image to the post instead of simply creating your text. Then, focus on creating visual-specific marketing, such as posting images on Instagram or creating videos for your business on YouTube.

What tools can I use to create visual content?

Photos, one of the most crucial components of visual content marketing, should not be taken with a smartphone, which often fails to create professional-looking photos; instead, invest in hiring a professional photographer, which ultimately will build your brand as a more professional company. To create graphics, you can use a number of Softwares and online tools, from the Adobe Creative Suite to websites such as Infogram, which helps you create infographics.

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