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Better To Have Than Not…

Posted on: Monday, October 1st, 2012

What is love to most people? A criteria met? An urge? A liking? A soulmate found? What is it that most people relate to when they find love? Chooki’s blog was referring to someone who had a whole list of criteria for the man she would love and plainly states of course she’s worth it all. Not to say she isn’t worth it, but maybe it’s just philosophical ideals in love which makes me wonder what that person is really looking for in a relationship.


It just occurs to me that with all the things she laid out for…you can easily find it in a friend too not just a lover. I just find it hard to understand that love could mean just that to that person. Its logical yes…but since when it love ever logical. What if she finds a person that compliments her personality completely…a soulmate if you will…but he is not contented with money and would rather donate than live a life of luxury. Could she sacrifice her ideals for it? Could she love a man who would sacrifice himself for the benefit of others?

Or what about a man who’s beliefs oppose hers or at least isn’t the same, yet he has a kind soul living his life based on principles that would make the dalai lama seem cruel. Could she find a way to see past that criteria?

So it goes back to the beginning? What is love to her? She states the criteria in which she looks for a man…yet fails to state what that man would mean to her. If a man does everything in his power to strive for perfection, then what is she to him? What would he be to her? Just saying that nothing good comes without a price. What that price would be can be more important than the foundation she laid before her.

I guess its good to have a goal you can work up to. If she realises that sometimes you got to sacrifice ideals for the next best thing that comes along, then thats even better. But as much as we wait for the perfect somebody to come and sweep us off our feet. It just pays to be careful that we don’t set ourselves for a big disappointment.

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