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Attract More Clients with Custom Facebook Audiences

Posted on: Tuesday, July 21st, 2015

Custom Facebook audiences

Everyone wants to attract the attention of online consumers with website advertisements. Some sites, especially social media empires like Facebook, have the ability to learn what users search for and then tailor ads based on those interests. If your company has multiple audience segments that you want to reach, I think that you’d be interested in learning about custom Facebook audiences and marketing on this social media platform.

What is a Custom Audience and How Does it Apply to Facebook Ads?

As Facebook explains itself on its site: “Custom audiences from your website makes it easy to reach people who visit your website and deliver the right message to them on Facebook.” As people click on your company’s site, Facebook has the ability to keep track of these users and then allow you to create advertisements that they will see the next time they log in to Facebook. This can encourage these potential customers to visit your website’s shop, complete a purchase, or make a second purchase. I don’t think I need to tell you how beneficial this can be for small businesses and new companies.

How Do You Create Facebook Ads for Segments of Your Target Audience?

Of course, while Facebook does keep track of a lot of information, you may wonder how it can even tell who visited your company site without accessing the site itself. This all comes down to what Facebook calls the custom audience pixel. This tiny, invisible bit of coding from JavaScript is the size of one pixel on your monitor. Still, for its diminutive size, the custom audience pixel does a lot.

To enable the custom audience pixel on your company’s website, start by accessing your audiences list. First, visit your page’s Ads Manager area, head to the tab marked “audiences,” and choose the option called “create a custom audience.” On Facebook, you can find the pixel code in the box marked “create web remarketing pixel.” Copy it and paste it wherever you want on your company site code. It’s that simple.

How Do You Create Facebook Ads for Segments of Your Custom Website Audience?

Now that you have made a custom audience list on Facebook, you want the advertisements that reach your potential customer base to be targeted and specific. Of course, paying professional design companies for your ads can be quite expensive. I’m here to let you know that there’s another way. Facebook has an ad creation tool that you can access via the Facebook for Business section of the site.

Immediately, you can select from a number of campaign objectives, including more customer conversions, getting more people to click your Facebook company page, better app engagement, more people at live events, and redirecting more traffic to your company website. Choose an objective and once you include the URL of your website, you can pick your currency and time zone as well as the portions of your audience that you want to see these ads on Facebook. Select from your custom audience or create a new segment of people.

Next, decide on your budget as well as the ad style, whether that’s a few images per ad or just one video or image per ad. You can choose the footage and pictures used, so make sure these are high quality. If you opt to include text in your advertisement, you can also pick from a headline, body text, or both. Once you place your order, Facebook will go about creating the ad as you asked for it.

What Are the Benefits of These Custom Audience Facebook Ads?

As you could imagine, the benefits for custom audience Facebook ads are multiple. First of all, you don’t have to pay for most of these Facebook services, yet despite that, they are comprehensive and encompass various marketing needs. Secondly, you don’t have to have a lot of tech know-how since Facebook outlines everything you need to do in a clear and concise fashion. Overall, I would certainly advocate this practice for businesses that have had ad campaigns fail in the past as well as startups and small businesses aiming at users between 20-50 years old. Advertising is still a powerful way to attract attention, whether that’s online or offline. Facebook custom audience ads let you reach new segments of potential customers that you may otherwise never have, so definitely use this tool to your advantage.

Has your business had a significant rise in clientele through creating a custom audience on Facebook? Or perhaps you feel you could use some improvement in the area of advertising via social media? Expanding your brand and improving your online recognition is Social Connect’s bread and butter! Please feel free to contact Batya Maman if your business is ready for an enhanced online presence!

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