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Are You Using Social Media For Hiring Employees?

Posted on: Monday, August 15th, 2016

Hiring Employees

Social media has changed the way many businesses operate, not only through how they share news but also through the ability to recruit potential employees. As the millennials enter the workforce it is vital to consider how to attract them to your company.

Using social media platforms is one solution to help cut the costs which are associated with more traditional methods of finding and hiring candidates. In order to save as much money as you can while using social media to recruit new employees, consider the following tips:

Find Where Potential Employees Are

Do some research to find which social media sites are most often used by your potential hires. Most likely you will find that one is more widely used by people with the business credentials you are seeking than others.

Create Value in Your Own Social Media Accounts

Connecting with proper influencers is crucial in expanding your reach, but it is also important to keep your business relevant. If your posts have genuine value to other players in your industry, it will encourage them to follow you. This also means keeping your profiles fresh and up-to-date.

Understanding the Law

The fastest way to use social media as a recruiting tool is to review a candidate’s public postings. However, you need to be careful when doing so. A court will automatically assume you aware of taboo topics that would not normally come up in a face-to-face interview, such as religion, age, sexual orientation or disability. This is why employers need to be particularly careful not to ask interview questions beyond legal limits.

Five Things You Should NOT Do

  1. Discriminate: State and federal law prohibit against hiring decisions that are based on color, religion, race, and other individual factors.
  2. Believe Everything: Chances are there is incorrect information in someone’s social profile. Whether it be intentional or unintentional, check references and call past employers even if it is to simply confirm work history.
  3. Forget a Hard Copy: It is a good idea to print hard copies of social media content that is relevant to a hiring decision, even if you do not choose to hire that candidate because it will help to defend your decision if it is challenged.
  4. Ignore Laws: There are already laws that pertain to social media recruiting on the books. Companies that use social media reports to aid in a hiring decision must abide by the Fair Credit Reporting Act.
  5. Get Too Much Information: While there is a large amount of good information out there to help you get to know your candidate, it is better to not investigate too deeply through a candidate’s social media accounts, as you may learn answers to questions that would not otherwise come up during the typical hiring process which could influence your hiring decisions.

With social media being one of the fastest possible ways to spread news and information about your business, it would be to your advantage to utilize it during the process of hiring employees. Get the word out and find the prospects that can best serve your company as a whole, all while remembering to tread carefully while doing so to avoid legal ramifications.

For corporations of all sizes, hiring employees is just one of many things that can be expedited and effectively practiced through the use of social media. If your business needs a stronger online presence on any of the given social media networks, Social Connect has the solution you’ve been looking for! Check out how you can learn how to properly manage all of your business’s social media channels through our Corporate Training Packages!

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