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The Golden Gate Bridge was someone’s dream

Posted on: Friday, October 12th, 2012

From steel beams to American icon: Golden Gate Bridge celebrates 75 years as an engineering masterpiece


The building of A symbol How It Got There, and Why It’s Orange 

Hulton Archive/Getty Images

The Golden Gate Bridge under construction, around 1935. The actual building of the bridge took over four years, with men sometimes perched more than 500 feet above the water in wind or fog. By MICHIKO KAKUTANI


Darker side: With a drop of 245 feet to the water below, the bridge has become the biggest suicide site in the world

Such great heights: Painter Don Dulac, the oldest on the painting crew, scales dizzying heights top of the North Tower, paint brush in hand

Dream becomes reality: The idea for a bridge across the Golden Gate strait, where San Francisco Bay meets the Pacific Ocean, was championed by the engineer Joseph Strauss in the 1920s

The Life and Times of America’s Greatest Bridge

By Kevin Starr

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